Accidents or illnesses suffered by our customers or a day when the ski lifts are closed due to weather conditions are the most frequent reasons for refunds. In cases of personal reasons, the situation is evaluated and a decision is usually made in favor of the customer. The refund is calculated according to the corresponding days. In case of contracted lessons, the information is in link.

In Sierra Nevada the use of helmets is not yet mandatory. In our "Benjamin" and "Junior" rentals helmets are included in the rental price. We rent helmets at 4,00 Euros one day, 3,00 Euros the second day and every following day 2,00 Euros and we strongly recommend their use.

We recommend booking in advance for customers and future customers to ensure the desired equipment available, for example online in our store with the additional advantage of 5% discount, by mail or phone. In case you want to give lessons, the instructor is booked at the preferred time.

On arrival at the store we have made a pre-selection of boots and skis that are always tested, checked and adapted to the needs and desires of customers.

For us, any season is a good time to practice or start winter sports. From Monday to Friday there are usually less people, but you can find schools. January and February are usually colder, so the snow is harder. In spring the temperatures rise and the snow transforms. For these and many more reasons the choice of the ideal time to visit Sierra Nevada depends on the preferences and vacation possibilities of each visitor.

Check the Cetursa calendar with seasonal prices here

Forfaits - tickets for access to the slopes - can be obtained in the following ways.

Directly at the ticket office - where queues can form on busy days. Through the Sierra Nevada Club by recharging the Club card or registering as a new member of the Sierra Nevada Club. There is the possibility of home delivery. Or by contacting Las Góndolas by filling out the contact form, calling by phone or sending an e-mail. Through these channels you will receive further information and instructions. Together we organize the purchase of the FF and the reservation of equipment for the whole family or group and, if required, the ski or snowboard lessons. It is essential to be clear about the date of your stay to facilitate the organization.

This season 2021/22 the prices of the ski passes are dynamic. Through the following link you can check prices and proceed to purchase directly.


For safety reasons, it is forbidden to access the ski lifts with dogs, sleds, shovels or plastics and any type of sliding equipment that is not attached to the foot.

Walking on the slopes may cause collisions. For snowshoeing excursions, please consult the Control Tower about circuits that do not interfere with the slopes.

People walking from Pradollano uphill, against the current, with mountain skis and skins on open slopes, must follow the published guide for use.

The station has few free parking spaces. Sometimes the accommodations include it or provide it.

There are blue zone parking lots that operate 7 days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., they control and fine you.

Paid parking for cars:

Parking Los Peñones, not covered. 5,00 Euros per day, 750 spaces

Parking Plaza de Andalucía, cubierto. Hasta 21,00 Euros por día, 2644 plazas.

Parking KM31, no cubierto, 100 plazas, a 800m de Pradollano (ca.12min)

Parking Las Sabinas (CAR), no cubierto, 5,00 euros por día, 471 plazas

El parking para las autocaravanas se encuentra justo al lado de Los Peñones y tiene 55 plazas por 10,00 por día sin agua y sin tomas de luz.

It is possible to use the cabin to access Borreguiles, the area from where the chairlifts depart and skiers and snowboarders can be observed. In season, Cetursa offers different activities up in Borreguiles apart from the "Mirlo Blanco" in Pradollano (lower area) with more variety of activities. Check with ticket offices on the day of your stay to get the right information on current activities at that time.

The area of "La Hoya de la Mora" offers sledging rentals and you can walk to the "Virgen de las Nieves", a memorial site, where there was once a hermitage.

There are organized excursions of different duration with snowshoes.

Grip on hard snow.

Grip on hard snow.

Grip on hard snow.

Optimal glide.

Optimal glide.

Durability of the equipment.

We recommend that you have it done by a professional.

We recommend that you have it done by a professional.

We recommend that you have it done by a professional.

Edges are essential for our equipment. Their proper maintenance will provide durability to our material and greater control in cornering.

The edges are essential for our equipment.

Files and diamond stones are usually used in their angles corresponding to the skier's level for both canting (side edge) and tuning (flat edge).

It is not necessary to retouch the edges every day, the most important factor in determining the condition of the edges is the type of snow: hard snow, canyon snow or ice. The edge wear on this type of snow is much higher than on soft snow such as powder or spring snow.

Waxing has these two functions:

- Facilitate sliding

- Protecting the sole: hydration

- Protecting the sole: hydration

- Protecting the sole: moisturizing

For a basic waxing you need rubber bands to hold the brakes, a specific solvent to clean the remains of old wax with kitchen paper or a rag, the wax (depending on the temperature of the snow or universal) and of course the iron in a suitable place to support and fix the skis or snowboard. Once the wax has been applied, the base has absorbed it and it is completely cooled, the excess is scraped off. For a more perfect finish, special brushes can be used.

First of all, you must have the right equipment, not too long skis and comfortable boots, but not too big. Dress warmly because a fresh wind can pick up at any time of the day. It is always better to be able to take off your clothes than not having clothes to wear. Sun protection should not be missing as the high mountain sun with the additional reflection of the snow quickly burns faces, hands, ears or décolleté. For a successful start and fast progress you should hire a professional. Always take breaks so as not to exhaust yourself and never exceed the controlled speed.

Of course, you can ski alone. It has very personal advantages for people who ski alone and its disadvantages in case of unexpected situations. In case of skiing alone if it is more important to know the station for a correct calculation of the times or in foggy days not to get lost.