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Repair Shop at Sierra Nevada

Your material is prepared and maintained so that you can turn properly and glide like a champ!

The wax allows for a better glide, less wear and adequate protection of the base of the ski or snowboard.

The edges are responsible for maintaining a stable trajectory when turning. Proper sharpening provides more stability and safety when making turns, especially on ice.

The skis or snowboard can be subject to frequent scratches made by rocks and other ground objects. This can cause the deterioration of the ski or snowboard and can lead to instability and increased friction with snow making it difficult to glide.

The repair involves the injection of polyethylene and subsequent grinding and polishing that restores the ski/snowboard to its original performance.

If you want, we can take care of your equipment and have it prepared for you by the next day.

Ask for a FREE budget for a special repair of your snowboard.

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Las Gondalas Rentals & Schools es un empresa ubicada en Sierra Nevada desde el año 2013 ofreciendo alquiler de equipos y escuela de ski & snowboard

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