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How to choose your skis

The Skis Guide:
  • The type of skis, its flexibility and its dimensions (the waist width, shovel and tail) depend on your level of expertise. There are six skier levels (A - F). We will be able to assess your level based on your performance in the lessons and the types of slopes you’ll go down..


[row id="" class=""] [col class="span2"] Nivel A - Debutantes
We have never skied. We've only put skis on once.[/col] [col class="span2"]Nivel B - Wedge
We make wedge turns and we can close the wedge at the end of the turn. We know how to get on the ski lift.[/col] [col class="span2"]Nivel C - Parallel 1
We’ve started to turn with our skis separate but parallel.[/col][col class="span2"] Nivel D - Parallel 2
We always make parallel turns. The turns are wide and short. We’ve started skiing at a good pace.[/col][col class="span2"]Nivel E - Pace
Quick, wide, and short turns. We’ve started skiing on difficult slopes and in deep snow.[/col][col class="span2"]Nivel F - Ritmo 2
We ski at quick pace and in all types of snow.[/col][/row]

  • The hardness and type of snow influences the type of skis you will choose (slalom, giant, all-round, cross, free-ride, freestyle).
  • The height of the skis depends on the type of ski: the slalom ski is shorter than your height, the giant ski is longer, the cross ski is your same height or longer, freeride is longer, and all-round shorter ... all these factors depend on the level of each skier.
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