Reparacion de esquis en Sierra Nevada

Taller de reparación de esquís en Sierra Nevada

Repair Shop at Sierra Nevada

We offer ski repair in Sierra Nevada so you don't have to worry about anything.

Your equipment is prepared, cared for and ready to turn correctly and glide like a champion.


Waxing provides a better glide, less wear and proper protection of the sole of the ski or snowboard.


Edges are responsible for maintaining a stable trajectory in turns. Proper edging provides more stability and safety in turns, especially on ice.


Subject to frequent impacts with stones and other objects of object soles, their deterioration causes instability and greater friction with the snow, which makes sliding difficult.

The repair consists of polyethylene injection and subsequent grinding and polishing that returns the ski/snow to its original performance.

If you want we take care of your own equipment and prepare it for the next day with our ski repair service in Sierra Nevada.

Ask for your free quote for a special repair of your snowboard.